The Shiloh Christian Church Board, after much prayer and discussion, has decided to cancel all church meetings in order to preserve the health of it's members and their families, and to obey the directives handed down by it's authorities.

Romans 13:1 reminds us "Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God."

Presently plans are to restart activities the first Sunday it is safe to start back up.  Until then all Sunday Services will be streamed on Facebook Live -

More to come...

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Prayer List 


This weeks prayer focus is Tim and Linda Morris and Jake and Maci

Pray for Persecuted Christians in Oman

Those in Our Fellowship:           Maxine Nice             Family of Sue Budde

Morris & Linda Small         Mike &Teresa Rose           Bill & Faye Shanks                            

Jim Roller                          Cookie Bowman                 Roger/Sue Budde              

Mike & Anita Closson        Diana Ross                        Bob Shanks           

Ed Simons                        Greg & Peggy Spencer       Cassidy Morris

Jerry Anspach                  Carla Morris                         Dave & Abby Franklin

Mike Kitchell                     Marlene Hall                        Richard/Nina Holle           

Gary & Bev Rose             Lee Aldridge                        Vic/Ellen Sell                       

Martha Leach                  John Spencer                      Melvin & Nada VanSoest        

Bob & Bette Smith          Jim Hayworth      



Shiloh ladies-did you know?

Shiloh Women’s Fellowship has our own private/closed Facebook page

This page is one way for you to get updates on current activities,  SWF minutes and various communications, and announcements. If you are not currently signed up and want to be “in the know” please contact Nalu Shewalter and she will get you added to the group.

A good way to reach her is by  e-mail:  or text: 1-765-348-6478